Flats Skiff on Joppa Flats

Skiff Launch & North Shore Fishing Report –September 3rd – September 9th 2017

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We’re excited to announce the flats skiff is done and officially in service! She has been dubbed “Gumbo” and is the first of the microskiffs we’ll be building to do flats fly fishing guided trips. Her maiden voyage was the 7th and let me tell you, that boat is a fish magnet! In the couple hours we had her out we caught over four dozen stripers on the fly! See below for a video highlight clip and some pics of the outing!

The striper fly fishing on the north shore is on fire right now! Every rip we stopped at along the way had big schools of schoolie stripers with a couple larger fish sprinkled in. On Joppa flats we were able to come into a large school that was more than willing to take Gurglers on the surface for hours. We even had stripers breaching out of the water full great white style hitting them!

In shallow water, the surface flies and intermediate lines with chartreuse and white Clousers were the key. In the deeper water sinking lines (SI7) and all white Deceivers were the ticket for us.

Tight Lines

-Captain Nick

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