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Regardless of your fishing ability, Captain Nick is hands down the best guide I've gone out with throughout my years. Here are the facts:Trip One: My family and I went out with Nick for Fathers Day. My Father and I are novice fly fisherman and the rest of our crew have zero fishing experience. If the goal was for all five of us to leave with a fish, the odds were not stacked in his favor. But, everyone in the boat caught more than one nice fish that trip. The fish were not hungry either. To me, that says it all. It's very clear that Nick has immense knowledge, the right "tools," and comfortable accommodations. If you're looking for a family-friendly type of experience, you will not regret it.Trip 2: I called Nick a year later and asked him if he could help elevate my skill level on a half day solo trip (casting, tribal knowledge etc). I stepped on his boat with a 20-25 foot max casting distance and left the boat at 50-55 feet. Without him, that would've taken a year. We also landed 10+ nice strippers. What equally impressed me was when I first called him for this trip. A year later he remembered who I was and exactly what I wanted to work on next. I find that to be rare in all services industries. If becoming a better fisherman is your goal, don't think twice, call Fly Guy Fish Guide.
Nick Parisi
Nick P.
22:22 15 May 19
I had a fantastic experience fishing with Nick. He’s a great teacher, and highly knowledgeable fisherman, and just an all around awesome dude. I would highly recommend him to the novice through to the seasoned expert. His equipment is top notch and his attention to fishing details second to none.
George Sylvestre
George S.
17:51 12 Jul 19
Michael Schultz
Michael S.
15:30 29 Sep 19
Nick is without a doubt a top tier guide. His knowledge of the fisheries that he guides in is extensive. He runs a great boat and it is outfitted with top of the line gear should you chose to use his rods + reels. He is a great instructor and helped put me on my first Albie, an experience I won't forget. Plus he's an all around great dude! Very friendly and easy to chat with.
Ezra Hagerty
Ezra H.
10:52 22 Oct 20
Nick is an awesome Captain, patient and helpful. We had him take us out twice, once for striped bass and once for albacore, we had a great time at both. Nick is knowledge and helpful, always offering tips and tricks, and celebrating in our successes. Would definitely recommend Nick to anyone and everyone, and we're already discussing what adventures we're going to be booking next.
Mel A
Mel A
01:12 03 Oct 19
Nick is an awesome captain, had a lot of fun chasing and catching fish with him. Also learned a great deal from Nick that kept me catching even after the trip. Will definitely be booking more trips in the future.
Tyler Doherty
Tyler D.
20:47 30 Sep 20
I work in the fly fishing industry in what is probably the most prominent shop on the east coast. I fish well over 250 days a year. Without hesitation i can say the best day i've ever had fishing was with Nick chasing Albies. We were on fish all day and when all was said and done we boated over 20 Albies in a short 4 hour trip. He runs an extremely safe top notch outfit with a very comfortable boat to fish from. If i could only afford to book 1 guided trip a year on the salt in this area, it would be with Nick.
Anthony Lombardo
Anthony L.
19:53 21 Jul 20
Nick is hands down one of the best in the business. As an Inexperienced Fly Fisherman (My double haul left something to be desired), Nick still put me on a Striper on the Fly with my poor skills. He also put me on a 12lb Blue and a Bonito completing an early season Summer Slam!!! I couldn't be happier with the results. Don't be fooled by charters that put you on sub standard equipment either. Nick runs top of the line equipment on his boat which makes for a more pleasurable experience. I can't recommend Nick enough. Do it, you won't be disappointed!!!
mDogtheInexperiencedFisherman - Martha's Vineyard
mDogtheInexperiencedFisherman - Martha's V.
23:46 01 Aug 19
Don Michael
Don M.
01:29 07 Oct 18
Took a friend out on a charter in Boston Harbor in early June with Capt Nick Kathmann. Nick is unquestionably a first-rate fly and light tackle guide. It was a weekday and most of the boats we encountered were charters. After following birds and scattered blitzes at first light, the bass proved to be finicky and nearly all the charters split to get bait. Nick knew exactly what to do and got us on fish on the fly the rest of the day, with no other boats in sight. We boated too many stripers to count. If you’re looking for a fly and light tackle guide, look no further.
Marc Guy
Marc G.
01:12 04 Jun 20
Going out fishing with captain nick was a pleasure for myself and everyone in the boat . We had the opportunity to go out with Capt Nick for albies this fall and it was nothing short of a great time . Fishing for False albecore can be difficult , but Nick put us on fish and put us around fish . There where many other boats out who seemed to not be hooking up at all . But we did. I was not just out there to catch fish , but to also learn about them and Capt Nick answered all my questions and taught us more. He also respects the ocean that he guides in ,and it was awesome to be driving along the ocean and then stop to pick up trash when we saw it . We need more fisherman/ boaters like this. I highly recommend Captain Nick . My brother , father , and myself plan on making this an annual outing .
Phil Forster
Phil F.
20:37 30 Sep 20
Nick is an awesome guide. He’s knowledgeable and committed to getting your fish, but he was also cognizant of the weather and made us very comfortable along the way. Great trip!
Griffin Prall
Griffin P.
15:03 17 May 18
Nick has been an impressive guide over the years. This last trip would be the 6th time on the waters bending rods with him. His vast knowledge of the game makes the experience enjoyable and informative. Thank you for introducing me to my new Albie addiction. Already looking forward to the next trip.
Kevin Chan
Kevin C.
20:12 15 Oct 19
Fishing for albies with Capt Nick was a great experience. I have been on many other fishing charters and you can tell when the captain is just there to get paid. Capt Nicks love for fishing is extremely obvious in the way he conducted himself. He was courteous, knowledgeable and a pleasure to be with. You could tell that he enjoys putting people on fish. His equipment is top notch and his ability to find the fish and use correct lures made all the difference.I am looking forward to the next time. I highly recommend him to beginners or seasoned anglers!
13:48 01 Oct 20
I chartered a guided fly fishing trip with Capt. Nick in early October of 2018. Capt. Nick was on the albies this past year and I was lucky enough to find him and take advantage of an opening in his schedule.I was jonesing hard this year for albies and after trying from shore and from the water, the window was closing fast and I hadn't been able to get on the board. It was going to be a long, agonizing year waiting for another shot at albies in our local waters around Cape Cod and Martha's Vineyard. On a bit of a whim, I reached out to him to see if he had any openings. If you've ever tried booking with a capt. so late in the year, you know they are usually all booked up at that point. He replied to my request immediately. He was working on rescheduling with a previous client. If the rescheduling didn't work out, he was giving me dibs on the opening. Well, it ended up working out for me. I got the opening...and I got my albie, too. No, it wasn't easy and Capt. Nick gave me multiple shots at albies in every place he took me. And there's plenty of story to tell between getting the opportunity and getting the fish, but months later that's not even what stands out the most to me. But before I explain what I mean by my last statement, let me put a point on this: Capt. Nick knows where to find your fish. You want shots at ablies, bonito, stripers, black sea bass (yes, we had some guilty fun catching some on our charter), and bluefish? Capt. Nick will get you those shots. He got me mine.What really stood out was his seamanship and attention to safety. He really is a captain's captain. He is not just some fishy guy with a boat (although, he's plenty fishy and ties great flies). He knows the water around the vineyard sound and cape cod and knows how different fronts and weather patterns affect the waters. This, in turn, helps him know where the fish will be. He shared all of this with me on the boat and I really learned a lot. He's also an accomplished sailor and comes from a family of captains. Through conversation we had shared that we both had daughters around the same age. It made me feel safe to be in his boat knowing that I'd be home safe because he needed to be home safe, too. Capt. Nick make safety the first and foremost thing he's thinking about when out on the water. I can write that confidently. Months after my time in the boat with him, that’s what stands out the most. Second to that is his temperament. He really wants you to succeed but he’s not going to chap your hide. He will help you do your best and give you the opportunity to do so.Now, I know this review is long enough already but I have to mention his boat. It's a sweet, sweet boat. Best casting platform for light tackle and fly fishing, in my opinion. It's a Jones Brothers Cape Fisherman 23. That boat is the reason I found Capt. Nick. Before I had found him I was starting to convince myself that the only way to really catch albies was going to be by getting my own boat. I spent hours obsessing about it and narrowed down my choice of boats to the Jones Brothers line of boats. They have a link to captains that guide on their boats. That's how I found Capt. Nick. And fishing with him is how I came to realize that I no longer needed to buy my own boat.Oh, and I should mention that he makes the transaction really easy. He's got an automated system of payment that comes in really handy for the wired anglers out there. But you can pay in cash, too.I'm writing this review months later because it's the end of the year and I'm already lining up my dates to go out on the water with him again next year.
Jaime V
Jaime V
04:14 31 Dec 18
Fly Guy Fishing Guides is top notch! Catching a striped bass on the fly has been a goal of mine for years now and Nick, my guide, was able to make it happen. Highly recommended. Looking forward to albie season!
Rob Spangler
Rob S.
18:08 29 May 18
It was my first fly fishing trip on a boat and I dident could find a better guide and boat for it, Nick is super friendly and helpfull also he help to improve my cast, what is great, we got some nice Stripe Bass . I definitly coming back too him when I’m in Boston .
Pascal Harlaut
Pascal H.
20:46 23 Jun 18