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Guided Fly and Light Tackle Fishing Experience

At Fly Guy Fish Guides, we got into guiding to give more opportunities to anglers to get out there on fly and light tackle. At the same time we understand the costs for a private charter can be prohibitively expensive, and will limit access for many people – especially those new to the sport or

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2018 Season Tackle Preparation

Fly fishing bait fish patterns and top water flies

I can’t wait for the sunny days, warmer temperatures, and fun times fishing! On this first official day of spring 2018 and the fourth nor’easter in the last couple weeks bearing down on us, we’ve been busy coordinating just some of what is required for the 2018 season. The last couple weeks have been busy coordinating the new boat coming up from North Carolina, purchasing all of the required licenses, preparing the safety gear and equipment for the boat, and starting the process of collecting the tackle we’ll go through this season. I’ve been busy at the flying desk getting all of the bases covered for when out on the water and trying to entice picky stripers and albies. 

Topwater Tactics for Massachusetts Striped Bass

gibbs pencil popper

Nothing gets the adrenaline pumping like watching a fish blow up on your topwater lure or fly. The same rush that attracts freshwater trout fly anglers presenting dry flies also attracts saltwater anglers targeting stripers. Here are some tactics, lure/fly selections, and presentations that are deadly for topwater action with stripers or bluefish. Light Tackle:

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