Sight Fishing for Stripers Experience

Learn to Saltwater Fly Fish Experience

Whether you’re completely new to the sport of fly fishing, a sniper with your 2w on trout streams, or just don’t feel comfortable with your heavier weight casting or strip sets – this is the experience for you. The amount of new terminology, gear, and skills required can be intimidating. We’ll cut through the confusion and get down to what’s needed to get you comfortably into saltwater fly fishing and actually catching fish! Come learn the ins and outs of saltwater fly fishing with us!


This experience is split into two sessions.

First session (2 hours on a grassy field):

  • Basic gear
    • What rod, reel, line, etc do we need and how should it be setup
    • What is a leader, tippet, shock tippet, etc and how do we set it all up
    • Clothing, vests, packs, etc
  • Casting lessons (ideally bring your own but we can provide if needed)
    • Basic overhand casting
    • Double hauling
    • Common mistakes and how to avoid them
    • Casting with the wind over our dominant shoulder
    • Casting accuracy
  • Stripping and setting
    • One and two handed strip presentations
    • Difference between strip set and trout set and some muscle memory practice
  • Flies!
    • Fly selection based on conditions and bait
    • Fly materials, thread, vises, tools, etc
    • We’ll tie up some of the most common and deadly fly patterns for us on the boat trip!

Second session (6 hours actually catching fish from the boat!):

Here we’ll meet at a dock or ramp and go out using the skills and techniques you used in the first session to actually cast to and catch some fish on the fly! Time and location will be determined a day or two in advance based on what is a convenient location, weather, tides, and where the fish are feeding at the time. These will usually start early in the morning just before sunrise.


  • Intro to Saltwater Fly Fishing experience – $1,000
  • Additional time is available at $100/hour
  • Price is for 1 angler but an additional anglers can be included within the experience for $100

What’s included:

  • High quality gear (you’re welcome and encouraged to bring your own if you have a preferred setup)
    • Spinning gear by G. Loomis and Shimano
    • Fly gear (we generally fish 8-10w setups, depending on the size of the fish, wind conditions, and fly selection)
  • Tackle
  • Custom tied flies
  • Our charter license covers your fishing license, no need to purchase separately
  • Bait
  • Waters and Soda
  • Ice

What to bring:

  • Drinks (if other than water or soda desired)
  • Food and snacks
  • Sunblock (please no spray sunblock)
  • Camera
  • Brimmed hat
  • Polarized sunglasses
  • Windbreaker or Fleece (it gets colder on the water than you would expect)
  • Rain/Wind Gear
  • Non skid soled shoes
  • Seasickness medication (if required)
  • Children under 13 must have and wear a Coast Guard approved PFD at all times