Nice Cape Cod striper on the fly

Father’s Day on the Fly

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Decided to take a break from guiding and travel to head down to the cape with the family for Father’s day. With a toddler running around, I only got a couple hours of fishing total across the weekend – but they ended up being pretty productive!

Saturday morning I decided to explore some new spots I have heard great things about. Was able to get a bunch of follows and even fish fighting over my fly, but no takes. After 10-15 mins of that, everything went quiet. As I was trying to figure out what happened, a seal popped up 10′ from me and I about jumped out of my skin. He did too and took off in a huge splash. I walked down a little further looking for ledges and drop offs, and came across this guy.


Put up a pretty good fight on the Sage Motive 8w!

The next day it was super windy, blowing 15 knots with gusts in the 25+ range. That’s not going to stop us though! Time to break out the 10ws and throw some more aerodynamic flies. My father in law and I headed out and started to explore some more. Didn’t take long and we found them.


Congrats Byron on your first ever saltwater fish on the fly! We fished another 30 mins or so and caught a couple more before it was time to head back home.

Tight Lines,

-Captain Nick

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