Nice 35" striped bass on live mackerel in Boston Harbor

Boston Harbor Fishing Report –June 17th – June 25th 2018

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This will be a short week for us as I’ll be out of town the remainder of this week through the weekend. We found a large flock of birds working the main channel covering all the way from Lower Middle to Spectacle to Deer Island with the birds circling really high and infrequently diving. The sounder showed a bunch of smaller fish down deep that could have been bait or schoolies and no bigger fish showing up.

The good news is the stripers are definitely there and in good size and numbers, but seem to be really keyed in on mackerel and are picky about what size and condition the mackerel are in. After several hours throwing every fly, plug, soft plastic, jig, etc in all parts of the water column at some fish we made the decision to head out to the ledges and get some live mackerel. They were spread out but in large schools, but once you did find them – wow were they huge!

Live lining those mackerel in the same spots had consistent hookups through the rest of the evening and we were able to pull out a bunch of 28″+ fish with the highlight of the day being a 35″ striper at 16lbs. A couple quick pictures and she was back in the water on her way to becoming a 40″ to be caught again next year!


Tight Lines,

– Captain Nick