Doubled up on Martha's Vineyard Bonito

Cape Cod and Islands Fishing Report –August 19th – August 25th 2018

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Told you we would find the bonito! We got some snotty days that were forecasted for 7 knots and turned into 20 knots and some super flat calm days. We finally found the bonito and had a blast catching them including doubling up in the middle of a pack of boats with no action between them. The early week trips were either rained out or blown out, but we went out one day and grabbed out mixed bag of stripers, blues, black sea bass, scup, and everything in between. It was too rough to really do much running around with 4-6′ seas so we stayed close in to shore that day and didn’t have a chance to go searching too much.

Later in the week the weather turned flat calm though and we were able to do some running around looking for Bonito. Everywhere around Martha’s Vineyard seemed to have Bonito and at least 1 king we lost. Yo-Zuri crystal minnows in the 4 3/8″ in shallow diving and deep diving seemed to do the trick with Clown and Orange Back Gold colors being the only producers. It was weird in that they were super targeted in to the colors and in some cases won’t only hit one color in Edgartown for instance, then a different color along State Beach… Do some experimentation and put in some searching and they are there to be found.