Boston North Shore Fishing Report –August 20 – August 26th 2017

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I know what you’re thinking, the week isn’t even over and you’re already posting the week’s report… I don’t have a trip planned for today or tomorrow so might as well get the report out now so everyone can read it for the weekend onslaught!

This week we took a detour and went out on the Boston North Shore to scout out some more spots and see what the fishing was like. After a quick stop at Tomo’s Tackle for supplies (if you haven’t been there, you should go – they have anything and everything you need!) we launched and went out looking for fish. After hammering some really fishy looking water with soft plastics and plugs with no luck, we went out to see if there was any bait around. There was a nice shelf from shallow water to deeper water on the chart, so we went and started looking for mackerel there and found them pretty easily. We filled the well and headed back to the same spots we were fishing less than 30 mins ago and FISH ON! We fished until we ran out of mackerel and contemplated going back for more when we started having problems with the navigation lights so headed in before it got too dark.

We did get out in Boston Harbor for a couple hours on a not so great tide and really had to work for some smaller fish on soft plastics. The chart plotter was lit up like the Milky Way, but the fish were just having none of what we were offering. If we had enough time to get out and find bait it might have worked out differently, but I guess we’ll never know.

Tight Lines,

-Captain Nick