Brewster flats satellite view

Sight Fishing Striped Bass Flats Experience

There’s nothing as exhilarating as stalking a big striped bass, making the perfect presentation, then watching it inhale your fly and make a run in water barely up to your knees. Stripers on the flats morph into a different breed and behave much like bonefish in the Keys. With all of their senses engaged and perfect conditions to spot and stalk their prey, striped bass become hyper focused on the prey of their choice and become very selective. With no deep water around for hooked fish to retreat to for safety, runs on the flats tend to be longer as well…


Join us for a trip out to some of New England’s most productive flats fishing aboard Deceiver, our Jones Brothers 23 Cape Fisherman Lite Tackle Edition outfitted with a GPS Spot lock trolling motor and autopilot. With Deceiver we can explore more of the flats including the deeper channels safely and get in shallow if needed as well! We explore more flats every day and add more to the list as they become productive, but the following are some of our favorite flats for sight fishing striped bass on the fly:

A typical flats sight casting experience begins on the skiff heading out to the fishing grounds. Once on the flats we’ll kill the engine and start to stealthily troll into the current sneaking up on pods of stripers. Signs like flashing, shadows, movement, surface action, and moving wakes can all indicate fish even if we can’t see them just yet. Here we have the choice of either maneuvering the boat in close to cast to them from the bow or depart the boat and wade around. The decision is all yours.


  • Flats fishing trip (6 hours) – $700

What’s included:

  • High end fly rod outfits (8-10w)
    • You’re welcome and encouraged to bring your own but keep in mind high gloss and shiny setups have a tendency to catch the sun and flash, scaring off fish. Matte and dark colors work best for sight fishing the flats. You should have at least 200 yards of backing and clear tip intermediate lines work best
  • Custom flies tied by your guide for the area you’ll be fishing
  • Leaders & tippet
  • Waters
  • Ice
  • Sandwich and snacks (full day only)

What to Bring:

  • Drinks (if other than water desired)
  • Food and snacks
  • Sunblock
  • Camera
  • Brimmed hat (non reflective and dark colored under the brim preferable)
  • Polarized sunglasses (brown/beige/sand colors work best on the sandy flats)
  • Windbreaker or fleece
  • Non skid soled shoes
  • Waders and flats booties/sneakers (if you plan to wade)
  • Stripping basket (if you plan to wade) – If you do not have one request it ahead of time and I’ll bring an extra
  • Vest or wading pack (if you plan to wade)