Boston Harbor Fishing Report – August 6th – August 12th 2017

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If you’re not out there fishing the Boston Harbor right now, you’re definitely missing out! The big fish have moved in with a vengeance and are aggressive! One trip we went out and after spending an hour snagging pogies, we moved on to catch some stripers and the first 3 casts on top water plugs turned into a 35″ and two 37″! First.Three.Casts!

If chasing on the fly there are bigger fish in the blitzes now, which are still happening with some regularity during first light and sometimes sunset. They break up quickly though as they have moved to the shipping channels and the commercial traffic divides them and puts them down quickly. An all white deceiver is your best bet there. Pink and white is still producing some really good numbers on light tackle! There’s been all too many times we’ve come across somewhere that only hits on pink and white. I’ve never really been a fan of pink, but am definitely a believer now. Sadly I lost my last pink and white needle and need to order some more.

Mackerel are easy to fill your live well with. Just troll around until you find a school and you’ll be golden. Pogies are all over the place and easy to snag, but we haven’t come across any bigger fish on the schools with any regularity thus far. Only once and it was short lived. Do yourself a favor and skip the pogies and go for mackerel. They’re even in as close as deer island light.

Went out on a trip with Elliot Jenkins from Greasy Beaks fly fishing as well and had a great time. If you’re ever looking to get stripers on the fly on the northshore, Elliot is your man!

Tight Lines,

-Captain Nick